EQC Preview 2018: Spain

April 25, 2018 0

By Miguel Vázquez Lumos Compostela Team Development Lumos Compostela is the strongest Spanish team at the moment, and a strong candidate to reach the upper bracket at Pfaffenhofen. However, this has not been always the […]


British Quidditch Cup 2018 Preview and Predictions

March 23, 2018 0

By Meredith Whiting, Ashara Peiris, and James Burnett Disclaimer: Meredith Whiting plays for Warwick Quidditch Club, Ashara Peiris plays for London Unspeakables, and James Burnett coaches Liverpuddly Cannons, but each avoided writing about their respective […]


Scottish Cup IV Recap

March 2, 2018 0

By Gavin Hughes Editor’s Note: The author played for the Glasgow Grim Reapers at the tournament. On Sunday, Feb. 11, at the University of St. Andrews, teams from each of Scotland’s four quidditch clubs came […]


You Don’t Know Jack: Uganda and the IQA’s Shame

February 17, 2018 1

By Jack Lennard (Editor’s Note: Due to perceived time constraints, this column was originally published outside of our usual editorial process. We apologize for the errors the original version contained, and we have updated the […]


Keep the Quidditch Post Running!

December 13, 2017 0

CEO/COO/EIC Wanted Effective January 1, the entire Quidditch Post operating leadership will stop running the organization as is. The reality is that running a global media outlet is a lot of work and while we […]