IQA Annual Report: We analysed it for you

May 13, 2017 QP 0

By Austin Wallace The International Quidditch Association has released its first annual report since it split off from US Quidditch in 2014. The tone of the report is fresh for the IQA: while it is […]

Great Lakes

USQ Announces 2017-18 Major Event Finalists

May 8, 2017 QP 0

For the first time in 11 years, US Quidditch Cup is leaving the east. USQ’s signature event has spanned from Vermont to Florida, with short stays in New York and South Carolina, but now it […]


Portland Augureys Drop from QCON

January 24, 2017 QP 0

By Jordan Kubichek The Portland Augureys have announced this week that they will be removing themselves from Quidditch Conference of the Northwest (QCON) competition due to a dwindling player base. “We regret that we cannot […]


IQA Incorporation Rejected

October 27, 2016 QP 0

The Quidditch Post has learned through a document provided by an internal source that the International Quidditch Association has had its application to become a charitable incorporated organisation rejected by the Charity Commission, the regulator […]


A First Look At QCON and Its Implications

September 19, 2016 QP 0

By Misha Whittingham After months of speculation and rumors, it has been confirmed that there will be a new organisation in North American quidditch: the Quidditch Conference of the Northwest (QCON). The brainchild of Serena […]