Texas Secede League Provides Summer Alternative

May 11, 2017 QP 0

By Alex Stewart As with any other college or university sport, quidditch athletes are concerned about the drop off that can occur during the summer months where regular practices do not occur. Traditional options for […]


US Quidditch Cup 10 Spectator’s Guide

April 7, 2017 QP 2

Congratulations; you’re very lucky to have secured your trip to Kissimmee, Florida for US Quidditch Cup 10. Whether you’re a player, volunteer, or fan you’re in for an amazing weekend full of high-level competition and […]


USQ Northwest and UBC Adjust to Life Apart

February 21, 2017 QP 0

By Jordan Kubichek This past year, the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds Sports Club (UBC) of Vancouver, British Columbia has pulled up stakes from the Northwest region of USQ. This is due to a new […]


Belfast Team Heads to Cottonopolis III

February 16, 2017 QP 0

By Niamh Ennis Although quidditch was founded more than a decade ago, the sport has been around in Ireland for considerably less time. NUI Galway University, who sent the Galway Grindylows to the inaugural British […]


A Snapshot of the Slowball Strategy

February 8, 2017 QP 0

By Kenny Stowe “Advance the quaffle.” If you have been around the pitch recently, you’ve probably heard this phrase once or twice from the head referee. More than likely, the referee isn’t just saying it […]