German Winter Games Review

February 16, 2017 0

By Lena Mandahus The German Winter Games (Deutsche Quidditch-Winterspiele [DQWS]), Germany’s qualifier for the European Quidditch Cup (EQC), took place in Munich on January 14-15. Eighteen teams from all over Germany competed in the tournament […]


German Winter Games Preview

January 13, 2017 0

By Ida Meyenberg and Christian Zimpelmann Editor’s Note: Ida Meyenberg is a player for Three River Dragons Passau and the Logistics Manager for the German Winter Games, and Christian Zimpelmann is a player for Rheinos […]


International Weekend Wrap-Up – November 5-6

November 11, 2016 0

Contributions by Chula Bruggeling, Serena Cheong, Neha Korrapati, Carrie Soukup, and Austin Wallace This week we are publishing our fourth International Weekend Wrap-Up, providing you with information about tournaments and events around the world. This […]


Danube Cup Recap: The Wiener Does Take It All

November 3, 2016 0

by Martin Hofbauer The first international quidditch tournament in Austria, the Danube Cup: The Wiener takes it all, took place on the weekend of October 8-9 in Vienna. Eight teams competed in the tournament: the […]