Life Enerji Turkish Summer League

By Kamil Urgun

So far, 2018 was a golden year of Turkish quidditch. The Turkish NGB, Quidditch Derneği (QD) sent two teams to European Quidditch Cup (EQC) 2018 in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, METU Unicorns and ODTÜ Hippogriffs, who finished the tournament third and fifth respectively. Four teams will represent Turkey at Division 1 of next year’s EQC. Team Turkey took the bronze medal at World Cup 2018 and proved just how much they have improved in the past four years. These successes created a huge hype in the country and with that positive impact behind them next season, Turkey wants to carry their flag even higher. Organizing a summer league is the first step they took to achieve that goal. The event will take place at İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University on Aug. 4-5.

Team Turkey at QWC 2018 | Photo Credit: İhsan Mercan

By hosting a competitive quidditch event in the summer, QD wants to give chances to players from different clubs to play together, which will hopefully result in more positive relationships between players, a more tight-knit community, and players improving individually. Beyond creating a new platform for less experienced coaches and players, the summer league aims to increase the quality of referees and snitch runners and further raise the level of popularity of quidditch in Turkey.

As well as achieving these aims, Quidditch Derneği wants to draw attention to some of the world’s problems, which is why this year, climate change awareness and renewable energy sources have been chosen as the main theme. The names of the competing teams are related to renewable energy resources and recycling, and Life Enerji, which has been working on climate change policies and gives consultation for renewable energy investments, is sponsoring the event.

This year, four teams will be competing against each other, and Quidditch Derneği is aiming to increase the number of teams next year.

Names and captains of this year’s teams are:

Solar Beams – Gökay Bilici

Hurricanes – Mehmet Genç

Recyclers – Ali Deniz Uçar

Hydro Cannons – Arzum Yılmaz

QD’s league design focuses on climate change awareness and renewable energy sources | Photo Credit: Simay Handan Konu

On Day One of the Life Enerji Turkish Quidditch League, each team will play one match against every other team, after which teams will be seeded depending on their results. Day Two will consist of two bestofthree series. The firstseeded team will play against the secondseeded team for the championship. The third and fourthplaced teams will compete for a podium finish.

Volunteers from the quidditch community are more than welcome to come, and free accommodation will be provided. All details related to the event can be found on the event page.

The success of Major League Quidditch (MLQ) and Quidditch Premier League (QPL) is obvious, and Quidditch Derneği hopes to reach their level within a year. This years tournament is just the first step.