Introducing the new C-Suite

After a successful search across the community, the Quidditch Post is delighted to announce its new C-Suite. Matt Melton will assume his position as the new CEO with Meredith Whiting as COO of the organization. Mélanie Müller and Laura Jamieson will be working together as Co-Editors-inChief.

Matt Melton Chief Executive Officer

Melton took a unique route to quidditch, stumbling upon the sport through a chance meeting with USQ executive Eric Schnier. But once he finally made it to a quidditch event, he was fully hooked.

“Since I found the amazing sport of quidditch at the ripe old age of 28, its pretty much taken over my life,” Melton said “I’ve been spending most weekends since then driving to practices or tournaments all over the US Midwest as a member of Lake Effect Tempest and Lake Erie Elite in USQ and Indianapolis Intensity in MLQ.”

Matt Melton at Ball Brothers Brawl 4.0 | Photo Credit: HIGH Quality Quid Pics

When he is not playing quidditch, Melton is a full-time Business Analyst for DNV GL in Chicago. He also spends a fair amount of time at Region Ale in Schererville, Indiana, where he is a minority owner and CIO. He spent six years at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology earning a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Engineering Management, all while serving various roles on the school newspaper staff. He also spent a large amount of time during his graduate school years resurrecting the school’s yearbook from scratch. Eager to combine all his work and media experience with his love of everything quidditch, Melton is elated to be the new CEO of the Quidditch Post and guide the budding media network as it expands its audience and coverage of the quidditch community.

“I am honored and incredibly excited to be the new CEO of the Quidditch Post, and I look forward to working with Laura, Meredith, Mélanie, and the rest of our awesome staff as we take quidditch media to the next level,” Melton said. “We’re going to report on everything we can that this beautiful community has to offer and spread the news of quidditch further than it’s ever gone.”

Meredith Whiting Chief Operating Officer

Meredith Whiting, a player with Warwick Quidditch Club, has taken up volunteer positions across the quidditch community and within her other interests. She has been working as Assistant Volunteers Director with QuidditchUK and as Executive Assistant with the Quidditch Premier League, which have shown her what it is like to take part in an international and passionate community such as quidditch. She also as participates at a club level as Publicity Officer for her team.

Meredith Whiting at the QPL Manchester Northern Fixture | Photo Credit: Claire Purslow Quidditch Photography

As one of the new members of the Quidditch Post, I’m thrilled to start my time with the organization as Chief Operating Officer alongside Matt, Laura, and Mélanie, as well as the rest of the staff,” Whiting said. “I’ve played with my current team, Warwick Quidditch Club, since late 2016 and recently also with the West Midlands Revolution in the Quidditch Premier League. Volunteering with both QUK and QPL has shown me the importance of enthusiasm and volunteers in all aspects of the sport, leading to me being keen to get involved in taking part. I’m delighted to be able to work on some fantastic projects and follow the expansion of the sport! I’m hoping to be able to enthuse volunteers across the organization and get even more people involved, alongside keeping everything running smoothly.

A student at Warwick University studying Global Sustainable Development and Sociology, Whiting has served in other volunteer roles across her university life such as with her underwater hockey club. She feels that she has seen firsthand exactly how important volunteering within a community is. Whiting is keen to bring this passion for volunteering, as well as management and other skills she has developed through her time with other organizations, to the Quidditch Post.

“Being able to take part in an organization that has become important to the community is an honour, and being able to bring new ideas and help develop the sport in multiple ways is something that I highly look forward to doing along the other members of the executive,said Whiting.

Laura Jamieson Co-Editor-inChief

Laura Jamieson has held multiple voluntary roles in the quidditch community, serving as Vice President for the Norwich Nifflers for the 2016-17 season as well as helping QuidditchUK with website content creation over the summer of 2017. She is also presently the Communications Executive for the Quidditch Premier League.

“I’ve been working with QP since September 2017, and with the departure of Lindsay Garten as Editor-in-Chief, I’m looking forward to stepping up to the role alongside Mélanie, and to working with Meredith and Matt,” Jamieson said.

Laura Jamieson at the QPL Upton-Upon-Severn fixture | Photo Credit: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

Currently doing an exchange year at Northern Arizona University, she is studying American Literature with Creative Writing and is eager to put both editorial and managing skills to great use with the Quidditch Post.

“I’m in my third season of playing quidditch, having started out with the Norwich Nifflers and now competing with the Northern Arizona University Narwhals,” Jamieson said. “Alongside quidditch, I’ve got a huge interest in publishing and writing, so the Quidditch Post naturally seems like the perfect place for me to be volunteering!”

Jamieson is looking to increase the Quidditch Post’s coverage of global happenings in quidditch, especially from regions that are typically less covered in the media.

“The Quidditch Post is a vital part of the community in communicating what’s happening with the sport all over the world and providing a platform for new ideas and opinion pieces and I’m thrilled to be part of enabling that,” Jamieson said.  

Mélanie Müller Co-Editor-inChief

Having grown up trilingual with English, French, and German, languages have always played a big role for Müller.

“As new as I may be to quidditch, the copy editing world is one I have been a part of for most of my life,” Müller said. “It is also the path my philological studies have led me to,”

Mélanie Müller at the first national quidditch meet-up in Zurich | Photo Credit: Kristin Kravdal

She has been working as a freelance copy editor and reporter, translator, tutor, private teacher, and writer in Switzerland for seven years. Before that, she was highly engaged in the arts in several theater and musical productions and clubs in her hometown, Lucerne.

“After spending several years working as a ghost writer and manager of different musical artists in Switzerland, I am looking forward to a new challenge,” Müller said. “Volunteering for the Quidditch Post just makes sense to me, seeing as quidditch is how I spend most of my spare time – besides reading.”

“I started playing quidditch a bit under a year ago, although, having been quite absorbed by it, I now feel as if it has been much longer,” Müller said. “In this time I have had the great joy and pleasure to experience the community at the IQA European Games 2017 in Oslo, Norway,  which reinforced my existing enthusiasm and intention of getting more involved.”

Since her debut in the sport, Müller has helped launch kidditch (kids’ quidditch) in Switzerland, become the co-coach and captain of her hometown team Pilatus Patronus – Lucerne Quidditch, and played for the Swiss national team.

“I am humbled to have been given the opportunity to work with such fantastic people – Matt, Meredith, and Laura – but also the entirety of the Quidditch Post staff,” Müller said. “The Quidditch Post is the most encompassing news platform quidditch has, and as such, I am eager to have us bring you the stories that move our community in this exciting time of expansion.”

Müller is currently a student at the University of Basel, where she studies Scandinavian and German studies. She works part-time for a telemedical company in Basel, Switzerland, and spent the summer of 2017 in Scandinavia, consolidating her fourth language, Swedish.

As the executive suite transitions from the old to the new, the Quidditch Post would like to extend its warmest gratitude and best wishes to the members who have developed the organization over the past years, especially the outgoing C-Suite of Andy Marmer, Austin Wallace, and Lindsay Garten. Their leadership has grown the Quidditch Post into a highquality news organization committed to international coverage, and they cannot be thanked enough. As the new executives step into their roles, we hope to see the same growth across the coverage of the sport and its community as these pioneers saw when they first created the Quidditch Post just a few short years ago.

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