Keep the Quidditch Post Running!


Effective January 1, the entire Quidditch Post operating leadership will stop running the organization as is.

The reality is that running a global media outlet is a lot of work and while we all love QP, we are at a point in our professional lives where we simply cannot devote the time and resources needed to do the work the Quidditch Post requires to run well.

This means we’re looking for new people to take over QP as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer or Editor-in-Chief. QP has tremendous assets at its disposal, including roughly 5,000 Facebook followers, 50 dedicated volunteers on four continents, hundreds of past posts on a (relatively) new website and a reputation as one of the giants in quidditch media. We firmly believe that dedicated quidditch media is crucial to the sport’s growth. We have a lot to work with and are looking for the right set of hands to guide the Quidditch Post and all of quidditch media forward.

The Chief Executive Officer oversees all of the Quidditch Post, setting its direction. The Editor in Chief oversees all of the Quidditch Post’s content, while the Chief Operating Officer oversees the general operations and functionality of the Quidditch Post.

We won’t post specific descriptions of the positions because the future is for you to decide. If this interests you or you know someone who would be a good fit for this, please contact us by Facebook or at or fill out this form: