Upcoming Turkish League

by Kamil Urgun

Turkey is a country where quidditch developed rapidly. In their second  year, the METU Unicorns managed to play in the European Quidditch Cup (EQC) 2016 semifinals; one year later they were in the final. Unfortunately, Turkey could not carry their success at the club level to the international level, and they took sixth place in all of their international tournaments (European Games 2015, IQA Quidditch World Cup 2016, and European Games 2017).  

METU Unicorns in the final of the 1st Centaury Quidditch Cup 2017 | Photo Credit: Centaurs Quidditch

The Turkish NGB Quidditch Derneği organizes both the Turkish Quidditch League (TQL) and Turkish Quidditch Cup (TQC). In the first season of TQL, four teams competed. The following year, the number of participating teams doubled, and each team played two matches with each opponent. This year, in the third season of the league, 17 teams are competing for the title and a precious spot at EQC.

League Format

The Turkish Quidditch League (TQL) is divided into two regions, the West League and the East League. The center of these regions are İstanbul and Ankara, respectively. Teams are divided into regions according to their distance to centers.

TQL consists of two stages:

I) Group stage

Each team gains two points for a win, one for a loss, and zero if they forfeit.Ties are broken by point average (150 max for a match), the number of snitch catches, and a head to head match. The group stage of the TQL is played as a round robin tournament. The first three teams from each region gain a spot at the playoffs, and the fourth and fifth place teams play an elimination match to get a spot at the playoffs.

II) Playoff stage

The playoff stage is an elimination round:

Teams that lose in the quarterfinals will play ranking matches to determine the fifth through eighth places.

The regional split prevents teams from having to travel to other cities often, which considering that traveling is not cheap and that quidditch is played mostly by students, is an advantage. On the other hand, this split prevents teams from different regions from playing each other, especially teams that do not manage to gain a spot for the playoffs and only have a chance to play these terms during the TQC.

With the regional split, the number of official matches a team plays in a league season is decreased, which makes competing in the league easier. As a result, larger Turkish Quidditch League makes it easier for people to complete the season. These changes also make it much easier for new teams to join the league.

Centaurs Quidditch at the 1st Centaury Quidditch Cup 2017 | Photo Credit: Centaurs Quidditch

Schedule of the playoff stage which will take place this weekend is: