Quidditch Canada Announces a New Gameplay Director

By Lisa Tubb

This afternoon, Quidditch Canada made permanent Ittaana Krow’s interim position as Gameplay Director, succeeding Ema Shiroma-Chao in May.

Playing keeper for the third-place Valhalla Quidditch this past season, Krow was also part of the 2015 MLQ Ottawa Black Bears and currently works as a statistician for the Black Bears in the current Major League Quidditch season. More affectionately known as ‘Twinkletoes’ on his home field due to his incredibly light feet for his stature, Krow has also been a part of the most recent Team Canada squad, with international gameplay experience at the 2016 Global Games in Germany this past summer.

“Ittaana Krow has proven time and time again that he has an unparalleled passion for Quidditch, and will do whatever is necessary to help the sport grow,” said Volunteer Director Joshua Muscat.

“First, I’d like to thank Ema Shiroma-Chao for all the hard work she’s put in for the past two years,” Krow said in a statement released from Quidditch Canada. “I’m excited to be joining a passionate board of directors who have a clear vision for the future of Quidditch in Canada, and I’m confident that the best is yet to come.”

Krow joins Quidditch Canada immediately, and at a time where Canada is establishing its standing national team and deciding whether to adopt the new USQ Rulebook. Canada has traditionally tread the line between the American and international communities; adapting to either USQ or the IQA rulebook will prove to be no different. This decision will rest heavily on Krow’s shoulders to uphold and set the tone for the coming season.