USQ Announces Community/College Split

USQ has officially announced that for the 2017-18 season college and community teams will compete separately from one another at regional championships and US Quidditch Cup 11.  While the number of teams in each region is not yet known – and will not be known for quite some time – this will undoubtedly have major implications for the season ahead. College and community teams will still be able to face one another during the regular season.

USQ has not yet announced the game play implications for various regional tournaments – including bid numbers and scheduling – though based on released bid finalists, it is likely that the college and community tournaments will occur simultaneously.

While many regions will be able to handle the change without much difficulty – albeit with fewer teams competing at the regional championship, the Northwest, which had only five official college and community teams last season could provide an interesting dilemma. The Great Lakes, too, presents an interesting conundrum with just two official community teams last season.

Each season sees changes in the number of college and community teams that compete and the ramifications of this split will not be fully seen for years. Further, it is not yet known how bids will be allocated and if USQ will announce further changes – including possibly to game play requirements, regions, or bid allocation – that could impact this change.

The move to a college-community split has long been foreshadowed. USQ first proposed a split in its 2015-16 strategic plan and last summer took additional steps to project what the possible split would entail.

Prior to this announcement it was not yet known the precise manner in which the split will operate and until subsequent announcements are made, it is not clear whether USQ will make any adjustments for smaller regions or regions with different amounts of college and community teams.