US Quidditch Cup: Sweet 16 Recap

By Christopher Dewing and David Sager

No. 8 seeded Quidditch Club Boston (QCB) duked it out with No. 9 seeded the Lost Boys, but escaped with a berth into the Elite Eight with a 90*-30 win. From the start, the Lost Boys slowed the game down with frequent resets and controlled quaffle play. More than anything the game was defined by the aggressive beater battles between two sides who sport some of the most talented players in the country. Eventually QCB was able to force mistakes from the Lost Boys through a high pressing defense and then capitalize on these turnovers. When the snitch came out QCB was up 30 and it was able to hold that margin until catching the snitch.

QCB continues its quest to defend its title and will have to face No. 17 seeded BosNYan Bearsharks who defeated No. 1 seeded Lone Star Quidditch Club 160*-80. BosNYan racked up 40 points before Lone Star got on the board. After that the game stayed close until the snitch arrived on pitch with the Bearsharks keeping bludger control for a majority of the game. After a Lone Star catch was called off, Kyle Jeon caught the snitch for the Bearsharks, resulting in a huge upset over Lone Star.

No. 12 seeded Bowling Green State University (BGSU) came out victorious over No. 5 seed Texas Quidditch (UT) 110*-50. UT was within range to tie the game, but made a decision to defensively seek until it was down by 20, but BGSU was able to catch the snitch before the UT seeker could. BGSU will face Texas State University – San Marcos in the Elite Eight. When Texas State faced off against District of Columbia Quidditch Club (DCQC) it racked up 50 points before DCQC answered, but the Mid-Atlantic team was able to come back and stay in range for the rest of the game, which was plagued by fouls. In the end, however, Texas State caught the snitch and defeated District of Columbia Quidditch Club 160*-100.

Bowling Green State University seeker Sam Roitblat | Photo Credit: Jessica Jiamin Lang Photography

After Gulf Coast Gumbeaux eliminated the Los Angeles Gambits in the Round of 32, it seemed like Gumbeaux could be the upset team. That stopped almost immediately as No. 10 seeded RPI Quidditch was able to firmly beat Gumbeaux 120*-50. RPI continues its streak from yesterday and will have to face a difficult team, Texas Cavalry. Texas Cavalry ousted Kansas Quidditch 140*-60 in a game that was filled with intense beating. After leading out of range for almost half of the game, Cavalry was finally able to catch the snitch and secure a spot in the Elite Eight.

No. 6 seed Rochester United (RU) easily handled Florida’s Finest 160*-60. From early on, RU was dominant, pulling out of range early in the game and not letting Finest get close to coming back. RU finds itself playing No. 3 seed Mizzou Quidditch as its Elite Eight matchup. Mizzou eliminated Texas A&M University Quidditch 160^-130* in an extremely close game that ended in overtime.


BosNYan Bearsharks 160*-80 Lone Star Quidditch Club
Quidditch Club Boston 90*-30 The Lost Boys
Texas State University – San Marcos 160*-100 District of Columbia Quidditch Club
Bowling Green State University 110*-50 University of Texas
Texas Cavalry 140*-60 Kansas Quidditch
RPI Quidditch 120*-50 Gulf Coast Gumbeaux
Mizzou Quidditch 160^ -130* Texas A&M University Quidditch
Rochester United 160*-60 Florida’s Finest

Elite Eight by Region

Southwest: 2 (Texas Cavalry, Texas State University – San Marcos)
Northeast: 4 (Rochester United, Quidditch Club Boston, RPI Quidditch, BosNYan Bearsharks)
Midwest: 1 (Mizzou Quidditch)
Mid-Atlantic: 0
West: 0
Great Lakes: 1 (Bowling Green State University)
South: 0
Northwest: 0

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