US Quidditch Cup: Elite Eight Recap

By David Sager and Chris Dewing

In a start that foreshadowed the eventual score, the BosNYan Bearsharks opened the game with a 30-0 lead against Quidditch Club Boston (QCB). It was an intense offensive match-up between the defending champions and the No. 17 seed Bearsharks. QCB was able to come back and turn the game into a shootout with each team responding to the other’s goals. Both teams had very strong beater play, but once QCB was able to catch up, the score stayed tied for most of the game, and it all came down to seeker play as all quaffle play came to a standstill. Tied at 70-70, the beaters were focusing on the seekers with neither side coming close to scoring. After initially starting with Harry Greenhouse, Stew Driflot subbed on and had countless one-on-one opportunities with the snitch as QCB had bludger control at the time, but was unable to capitalize due to the snitch constantly downing himself. After replacing snitches due to injury, BosNYan managed to regain bludger control and allowed seeker David Fox to reach over the snitch for a good catch, sending the Bearsharks into the Final Four with a win over QCB 100*-70.

The Bearsharks will hope to continue their upset spree when they face Texas State University – San Marcos who won 100*-60 over Bowling Green State University. Both teams traded scores up to the seeker floor. Until the snitch catch, no team ever led by more than 10 points. The players had trouble staying out of the penalty box as lots of cards were given to each side. Despite having bludger control for much of the time, Texas State was unable to build an advantage as the Bowling Green chaser group delivered on both offense and defense. Initially the bludger control advantage gave the Texas State seeker unimpeded time on the snitch, but as the game went on teams traded control. Texas State had its first catch called off but caught the snitch again to take the game and advance.

Texas State chaser Jenna Bollweg and beater Ryan Nawrocki | Photo Credit: Alex Russell

Mizzou Quidditch knocked off Rochester United 90*-80. The game was filled with cards, including one player from Mizzou’s Jacob Parker, getting a double yellow both for behind the back initiation/contact. Each side traded scores for much of the early game before Rochester was able to build a small lead but never out of snitch range. Down by 20, Dominic Stelzer was able to catch the snitch for Mizzou, advancing it to the Final Four where it faces off with Texas Cavalry.

Texas Cavalry handled RPI Quidditch with ease, winning 150*-50. Starting off a close game with impressive chasing on both sides, the score slipped away from RPI Quidditch, with Cavalry leading 100-40 by the time the snitch was released. Cavalry was able to outlast RPI, eventually leading 120-50 before the snitch was caught.


BosNYan Bearsharks 100*-70 Quidditch Club Boston
Texas State University – San Marcos 100*-60 Bowling Green State University
Mizzou Quidditch 90*-80 Rochester United
Texas Cavalry 150*-50 RPI Quidditch

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