US Quidditch Cup 10: Play-In Round Recap

By Andy Marmer

Four teams secured their spot in the Round of 32 with play-in victories to send them through to the bracket proper and keep their dreams of a US Quidditch Cup alive.

No. 30 seeded University of Miami Quidditch survived on its way through to the round of 32 with a 120*^-90 win over the No. 35 seeded Michigan Quidditch Team. Michigan at times had the game briefly out of snitch range, but Miami battled back with a snitch catch in regulation by Brad Martin and then after a pair of goals, a second catch from Martin after normal seeker Daniel Cantrelle received his second yellow card earlier in the game. With the win Miami moves on to face Mizzou Quidditch at 10:20 a.m.

No. 31 seeded Central Michigan Quidditch Club jumped out to an early lead and although No. 34 seeded Crimson Elite battled back, the Great Lakes squad caught the snitch just seconds after the snitch was released to book a trip to the Round of 32 110*-50. Central Michigan will look to take out No. 2 seeded Texas Cavalry at 10:20 a.m.

No. 29 seeded University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) earned their way through to the Round of 32 160*-80 on a snitch catch by Raymond Van Ness, defeating the No. 36 seeded Silicon Valley Skrewts into the third snitch handicap. UCLA led for the entirety of the contest and was out of snitch range for much of the match. Trailing 80-20 when the snitch was released, the Skrewts briefly battled back into range, but could not complete the comeback. UCLA next faces No. 4 seeded Texas State University – San Marcos.

Raymond Van Ness’ snitch catch sent UCLA through to the Round of 32 | Photo by Chris Rothery

No. 33 seeded Lake Erie Elite (LEE) handily advanced to the Round of 32 with a 220*-120 win over the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). LEE turned in a strong offensive display in mustering 19 goals and moves on to face No. 1 seeded Lone Star Quidditch Club at 10:20 a.m.


No. 29 UCLA 160*-80 No. 36 Silicon Valley Skrewts

No. 30 Miami 120*^-90 No. 35 Michigan Quidditch Team

No. 31 Central Michigan 110*-50 No. 34 Crimson Elite

No. 33 Lake Erie Elite 220*-120 UTSA