US Quidditch Cup 10: Round 9 Recap

By Austin Wallace, Christopher Dewing and Andy Marmer

Kansas Quidditch (2-1) was able to outlast University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) (2-1) 160*-80 during a game that featured a one-handed handicap for snitch Jarrod Bailey. UTSA was not able to capitalize on no-bludger situations during snitch-on-pitch, while Kansas slowed the game down on offense, giving their seeker ample opportunities with the snitch. With both teams now 2-1 both will likely earn bids to bracket, behind favorites Quidditch Club Boston (QCB) with Kansas likely seeding second with UTSA still to play QCB.

Other teams in the Southwest comprehensively took care of business with Lone Star Quidditch Club (3-0) winning 160*-60 over the University of Miami (2-1). Lone Star is now guaranteed to make bracket play. With a perfect point differential so far, Lone Star appears to be headed for the top seed. Texas Cavalry (3-0) won handily 160*-10 over the Tufts University Tufflepuffs (0-3). The game eliminates Tufts and sets up Cavalry for a high seed in bracket, just 10 points removed from a perfect point differential. Texas State University – San Marcos (3-0) also won by a maximum point differential 180*-80 over the University of Rochester Thestrals (2-1), and also seems poised for a top seed, just 30 points off of a perfect point differential. Despite the loss, the University of Rochester appears well positioned to qualify for bracket play. Rochester United (3-0) knocked off the Long Beach Funky Quaffles (1-2) and continues its run to a high bracket seed with a 250 adjusted point differential.

LSQC beater Michael Duquette plays at the Southwest Regional Championship | Photo Credit: Alex Russell

Central Michigan Quidditch Club (2-1) put itself in position to advance to bracket play with a 130*-50 win over SHSU Quidditch (1-2). Central Michigan faces the undefeated Los Angeles Gambits in their final game of the day, while SHSU faces Pod 2 Penn State University Nittany Lions. In a game that will likely prove inconsequential, the Silver Phoenix (1-2) knocked off the Southern Storm (0-3) to get its first win of the tournament 120*-60

Pitch 1 Kansas Quidditch 160*-80 University of Texas at San Antonio

Pitch 2 Central Michigan Quidditch Club 130*-50 SHSU Quidditch

Pitch 3 Rochester United 150*-50 Long Beach Funky Quaffles

Pitch 4 The Silver Phoenix 120*-60 The Southern Storm

Pitch 5 RPI Quidditch 160*-40 Minnesota Quidditch

Pitch 6 Texas State University – San Marcos 180*-80 University of Rochester Thestrals

Pitch 7 Texas Cavalry 160*-10 Tufts University Tufflepuffs

Pitch 8 Lone Star Quidditch Club 160*-60 University of Miami