US Quidditch Cup 10: Round 6 Recap

By Jordan Kubichek and Andy Marmer

The 1 p.m. time slot was headlined by a pair of overtime games. The Long Beach Funky Quaffles (1-1) kept their hopes of making bracket play alive with a 120-110* overtime victory over Marquette University Qudditch (0-2). The game went into overtime after a catch from Marquette, but five minutes of overtime elapsed before a second catch could be made, with Long Beach securing the victory. Crimson Elite (2-0) also survived an upset bid from the Silver Phoenix (0-2), putting itself in a position to likely qualify for bracket play with a 110^-90* win. Pod 3 University of Miami (2-0) secured a firm victory over the Richmond Ravens (0-2) 120*-60, to likewise put itself in a position to advance to bracket play.

The Long Beach Funky Quaffles Before Brooms Up at the West Regional Championship | Photo Credit: Chris Rothery

Texas State University-San Marcos (2-0) maintained its first place position in the pool with a win over Miami University (OH) (0-2) 190*-80, keeping itself in position for a high bracket seed. SHSU Quidditch (1-1) got its first win of the tournament over Boston University Quidditch (0-2) 170*-110. The Illinois State Firebirds (1-1) enjoyed a close victory against the Tufts University Tufflepuffs (0-2) 100*-70, making Tufts a long shot to advance to bracket play, while giving Illinois State a renewed shot. University of Texas at San Antonio (2-0) also likely gave itself a very good shot to make the bracket with a 180*-110 win over Carolina Heat Quidditch Club (0-2). RPI remained atop Pool 10 with a 120-90* win over Baylor University, who remains very much alive to earn a bracket spot as a Pod 5 team.

Pitch 1 Long Beach Funky Quaffles 120-110* (OT) Marquette University Quidditch

Pitch 2 Illinois State Firebirds 100*-70 Tufts University Tufflepuffs

Pitch 3 University of Miami 120*-60 Richmond Ravens

Pitch 4 Texas State University – San Marcos 190*-80 Miami University (OH)

Pitch 5 SHSU Quidditch 170* – 110 Boston University Quidditch

Pitch 6 Crimson Elite 110^-90* The Silver Phoenix

Pitch 7 University of Texas at San Antonio 180*-110 Carolina Heat Quidditch Club

Pitch 8 RPI Quidditch 120-90* Baylor University