US Quidditch Cup 10: Round 5 Recap

By Andy Marmer, David Sager

Quidditch Club Boston (1-0) began its title defense in a less than convincing fashion with a 140*-100 victory over Kansas Quidditch (1-1). With Kansas having already beaten Carolina Heat Quidditch Club (0-1) in convincing fashion, it still looks likely that Boston and Kansas will finish top two in their pool. Their neighbors, the BosNYan Bearsharks (1-1) rebounded from a surprise defeat earlier in the day with a 230*-150 victory over Tribe (0-2). Still, with BosNYan considered a favorite, and Tribe considered to be among the bottom feeders, this is a less than resolute win for the Bearsharks and a strong pyrrhic showing for Tribe off of its overtime loss to Virginia Quidditch Club.

Florida’s Finest (2-0) beat Ohio State Quidditch (0-2) 120*-90 continuing its dream of returning to bracket play after not qualifying for US Quidditch Cup 9 and have likely secured their place. However, both of Finest’s games against Pod 3 and Pod 4 teams were in snitch range a potentially ominous sign, they will next be tested next on Field 6 at 3:40 p.m. by Anteater Quidditch, the Pod 5 team. Although winless, both of Ohio State’s losses have been to more highly-seeded teams. In a similar fashion to Finest, the Lost Boys (2-0) narrowly escaped the Pod 4 team of their pool, New York Quidditch Club (0-2), 110*-60.

Keeper Grant Rose dunks the quaffle while blindfolded by his headband at the West Regional Championship | Photo Credit: Chris Rothery

The University of Rochester Thestrals (2-0) pulled off a slim victory over Utah State Quidditch Club (0-1) 70*-30 in a low scoring game, which sees the New York squad put itself in an excellent position to qualify for bracket play. Minnesota Quidditch (1-1) rebounded from its earlier loss to Baylor University to knock off the Silicon Valley Skrewts (0-1). Pool 10 is wide open and the win for Minnesota will go a long way toward helping it advance. Similarly, University of California Los Angeles (1-1) rebounded from an earlier defeat at the hands of the Ball State Cardinals to defeat the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch (0-2). Texas Cavalry 2-0 continues to roll with a 120* – 30 win over the Michigan Quidditch Team. Cavalry still has to play a Pod 2 team, but looks to be in excellent position to secure a high bracket seed.

Pitch 1 Minnesota Quidditch 110*-60 Silicon Valley Skrewts

Pitch 2 University of Rochester Thestrals 70*-30 Utah State Quidditch Club

Pitch 3 Florida’s Finest 120*-90 Ohio State Quidditch

Pitch 4 The Lost Boys 110*-60 New York Quidditch Club

Pitch 5 University of California Los Angeles 150*-100 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch

Pitch 6 BosNYan Bearsharks 230-150* Tribe

Pitch 7 Texas Cavalry 120*-30 Michigan Quidditch Team

Pitch 8 Quidditch Club Boston 140*-100 Kansas Quidditch