US Quidditch Cup 10: Round 2

By Andy Marmer

Sixteen more teams played their first game of US Quidditch Cup in the 9:40 a.m. slot with only a few nailbiters. Southwest teams went 4-1 with Texas A&M Quidditch (1-0), Texas Cavalry (1-0), and Texas Quidditch (1-0) all winning comfortably out of range over Ohio State Quidditch (0-1), Illinois State Firebirds (0-1), and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch (0-1) respectively. Baylor University (1-0) made a clutch snitch catch to overcome what was a 30-40 point deficit against Minnesota Quidditch (0-1) for much of the match. The lone Southwest losers, Tribe (0-1), fell victim to a double snitch catch from Virginia Quidditch Club (1-0) 150*^-110 with Matt Cooper catching the snitch for the Wahoos in regulation and Jeremy Watson doing the same in overtime. In a battle of regional runners up, Kansas Quidditch (1-0) handily defeated Carolina Heat Quidditch Club (0-1) 140*-30. The South Region did not fare well this round with inTENNsity (0-1) also falling 170*-70 to the Lost Boys (1-0). The University of Rochester Thestrals (1-0) knocked off Miami University Quidditch (0-1) 100*-90 on a snitch catch.

Matthew Cooper seeking for Virginia Quidditch Club | Photo by Rebecca Martin

Pitch 1 Kansas Quidditch 140*-30 Carolina Heat Quidditch Club
Pitch 2 Texas A&M Quidditch 170 – 110* Ohio State Quidditch
Pitch 3 University of Rochester Thestrals 100* – 90 Miami University (OH) Quidditch
Pitch 4 Baylor University 100* – 90 Minnesota Quidditch
Pitch 5 Texas Cavalry 130* – 30 Illinois State Firebirds
Pitch 6 The Lost Boys 170* – 70 inTENNsity
Pitch 7 Texas Quidditch 130* – 50 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch
Pitch 8 Virginia Quidditch Club 150*^ – 110 Tribe