US Quidditch Cup 10: Round 15 Recap

By David Sager and Andy Marmer

Penn State University Nittany Lions (PSU) (3-1) finished their day by barely sliding past winless Boston University Quidditch (0-4). PSU finds itself with enough wins to advance to the bracket, however will be one of the lower 3-1 teams due to its -10 point differential.

Mizzou Quidditch (4-0) secured the top seed in Pool 7 with a win over Crimson Elite (2-2) 140*-10. With three teams in this pool finishing Day One at 2-2, it seems as if the Silver Phoenix have snagged the second seed and Crimson Elite finishing third. The Boise State Abraxans (2-2) appear to have finished fourth, missing out on the bracket.

Arizona State University (3-1) defeated the Richmond Ravens (1-3) 160*-40, securing the second seed in Pool H and a spot in the bracket tomorrow.

The Richmond Ravens finished Day One at 1-3 | Photo Credit: Flax Photography

Quidditch Club Boston (QCB) (4-0) completes Day One undefeated, as it ousts Carolina Heat Quidditch Club (1-3) 110*-40. QCB finished at the top of the pool and will look to continue its title defense tomorrow as it will probably have one of the top 10 overall seeds heading into bracket play.

The Warriors (3-1) rolled into bracket play with a 140*-40 victory over the Illinois State University Firebirds (1-3).

Maryland Quidditch (3-1) ended the day with a win against Baylor University (1-3) 130*-50. Maryland will advance to the bracket, finishing second in the pool, while Baylor appears to have fallen short. The Silicon Valley Skrewts (1-3) look to be the third place team in Pool 10.

In a marathon finale, lasting more than 50 minutes, Lake Erie Elite (2-2) took third in its pool with a 230*-150 win over Marquette University Quidditch (1-3).

Rutgers University Quidditch (2-2) finished off Miami University (OH) Quidditch (1-3) 170*-70. Rutgers has qualified for bracket play, ending up as the third seed in Pool 9. Miami fails to qualify for bracket play, finishing fourth in its pool.

Pitch 1 Penn State University Nittany Lions 70*-60 Boston University Quidditch

Pitch 2 Quidditch Club Boston 110*-40 Carolina Heat Quidditch Club

Pitch 3 Maryland Quidditch 130*-50 Baylor University

Pitch 4 The Warriors 140*-40 Illinois State University Firebirds

Pitch 5 Mizzou Quidditch 140*-10 Crimson Elite

Pitch 6 Arizona State University 160*-40 Richmond Ravens

Pitch 7 Lake Erie Elite 230*-150 Marquette University Quidditch

Pitch 8 Rutgers University Quidditch 170*-70 Miami University (OH) Quidditch

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article stated that Lake Erie Elite finished second in its pool