US Quidditch Cup 10: Round 14 Recap

By David Sager and Andy Marmer

Florida’s Finest (4-0) continued its undefeated season and secured the top spot in Pool 3 with a 80*-70 win over Texas A&M Quidditch (3-1). Both teams have earned spots in bracket play.

RPI Quidditch (4-0) handled Silicon Valley Skrewts (1-3) 100-60* with ease, securing the top seed of its pool.

Michigan Quidditch Team (2-2) all but secured its spot in the bracket with a 180*-140 win over the Tufts University Tufflepuffs (0-4). If the Illinois State University Firebirds knock off the Warriors by 40 points, it appears that Michigan would be eliminated based on snitch catch percentage, otherwise it would place third behind the winner of that match.

Kansas Quidditch (3-1) secured second place in its pool with a 110*-70 win over Indiana University Quidditch Club (0-4).

inTENNsity (1-3) just barely beat New York Quidditch Club (0-4) 140*-130 in a game that had no effect on bracket qualifying positions. Neither team will advance to bracket play tomorrow, finishing as fourth and fifth in the pool.

The BosNYan Bearsharks (3-1) topped Bowling Green State University (3-1) 100*-70; however, the latter team will still top Pool 2 as both squads as well as Cal Quidditch each finished 3-1 with Bowling Green having the strongest tiebreaker.

UCLA’s win should see it through to bracket play | Photo by Chris Rothery

University of California Los Angeles (2-2) finishes with a 140*-30 victory over RIT Dark Marks (0-4). Being 2-2 and in the third seed of the pool, UCLA will advance to bracket play, but may have to make it through the Round of 36 depending on tiebreakers.

Texas State University – San Marcos (4-0) capped its undefeated pool play with a 220*-90 win over Utah State Quidditch Club (0-4) and will be one of the top seeds entering the bracket.


Pitch 1 Florida’s Finest 80*-70 Texas A&M Quidditch

Pitch 2 BosNYan Bearsharks 100*-70 Bowling Green State University

Pitch 3 inTENNsity 140*-130 New York Quidditch Club

Pitch 4 Kansas Quidditch 110*-70 Indiana University Quidditch Club

Pitch 5 Michigan Quidditch Club 180*-140 Tufts University Tufflepuffs

Pitch 6 Texas State University – San Marcos 220*-90 Utah State Quidditch Club

Pitch 7 RPI Quidditch 100-60* Silicon Valley Skrewts

Pitch 8 University of California Los Angeles 140*-30 RIT Dark Marks