US Quidditch Cup 10: Round 12 Recap

By Austin Wallace, David Sager, and Andy Marmer

Arizona State University (2-1) secured a narrow victory against the University of Miami (2-2) 80*-60. With the narrow loss, Miami clinches a bracket spot, while Arizona State has also clinched a bracket spot with its victory.

Texas Cavalry (4-0) finished off a perfect day with a 130*-30 triumph over the Warriors (2-1). Out of range within 10 minutes, a quick snitch catch maximized the point differential for Cavalry. The result guarantees Cavalry one of the top two seeds going into bracket play and helps smooth the way for a deep run. The Warriors remain second in their pool and are still in good shape to qualify for Day Two.

Mizzou Quidditch (3-0) defeated Southern Storm (0-4) 140*-40. Mizzou continues to produce strong results and is headed toward a top seed in the bracket. A game against Crimson Elite in the final slot remains for Mizzou in pool play.

Quidditch Club Boston (QCB) (3-0) easily dispatched University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) (2-2) 130*-40,  a team that earlier beat Carolina Heat Quidditch Club and has strong bracket play hopes. Quidditch Club Boston, with a 230 point differential and a perfect snitch catch percentage, is trying to secure one of the top seeds. However, closer than expected wins earlier in the day have put QCB out of reach of the top seed. UTSA will need QCB to defeat Carolina Heat this evening to secure its bracket spot.

Maryland Quidditch (2-1) defeated Minnesota Quidditch (1-3) 130*-50. After an initial loss to RPI Quidditch, Maryland is likely to take second place in Pool 10. The result ends Minnesota’s campaign as it can no longer win any of the tiebreakers to sneak into the bracket play.

Lake Erie Elite (1-2) escaped with a win against Long Beach Funky Quaffles (1-3) 100^-80*.  With Rochester United and Oklahoma State most likely advancing from this pool, the Elite game against Marquette University Quidditch will determine which team slides into bracket play.

Penn State University Nittany Lions (PSU) (2-1) beat SHSU Quidditch (1-3) 80*-40. SHSU’s dreams of reaching the bracket for US Quidditch Cup 10 have been extinguished as they finish their pool games. PSU faces Boston University Quidditch in its final game, guaranteed a bracket spot, but looking to potentially improve its seeding. A win would assure Penn State of avoiding the Round of 36.

SHSU Quidditch was defeated in its final game at US Quidditch Cup 10 | Photo by Alex Russell

The University of Rochester Thestrals (3-1) finished pool play securing itself second in its pool with a win over Rutgers University Quidditch (1-2) 80*-70. Rutgers faces Miami University (OH) Quidditch in its final game with the winner of that securing the final bracket spot from Pool 9.


Pitch 1 Arizona State University 80*-60 University of Miami

Pitch 2 Texas Cavalry 130*-30 The Warriors

Pitch 3 Mizzou Quidditch 140*-40 The Southern Storm

Pitch 4 Lake Erie Elite 100^-80* Long Beach Funky Quaffles

Pitch 5 Quidditch Club Boston 130*-40 University of Texas at San Antonio

Pitch 6 Maryland Quidditch 130*-50 Minnesota Quidditch

Pitch 7 Penn State University Nittany Lions 80*-40 SHSU Quidditch

Pitch 8 University of Rochester Thestrals 80*-70 Rutgers University Quidditch