US Quidditch Cup 10: Round 11 Recap

By Andrew Marmer, Austin Wallace, and Jordan Kubichek

Silicon Valley Skrewts (1-2) played Baylor (1-2) absolutely needing a win to have a hope at bracket play. Thirty points up as seekers were released, the Skrewts were able to retain bludger control for the majority of the game, and were much more efficient in the short range passing game. After a few minutes, star beater Willis Miles IV was able to give his seeker Forrest Stone enough time to end the game 90*-40 on a quick hand-switch move. Barring massive upsets for Baylor or Minnesota over Maryland, Pool 10 will send forward both RPI (3-0) and Maryland (1-1). With Baylor beating Minnesota, Minnesota beating the Skrewts, and the Skrewts beating Baylor, it is very likely that the third seed in the pool will come down to point differential. The Skrewts are at -20 with a game against RPI remaining, while Baylor, at -70, and Minnesota, at -60, have a game against Maryland remaining. The Skrewts are known for their ability to slow a game down and keep it close, and look to have the upper hand to advance.

Gulf Coast Gumbeaux (2-2) defeated inTENNsity (0-3) 190*-30 and maintains its position in the middle of its pool. Gumbeaux has locked up the third seed in Pool 4 with the pool winner being the winner of the Lost Boys game against District of Columbia Quidditch Club. Gumbeaux’s point differential might be strong enough to keep it out of the Round of 36, but that will depend how the bracket shapes out.

Texas A&M University Quidditch (3-0) secured a victory against the Appalachian Apparators (1-3) 190-120*. Texas A&M will face Florida’s Finest with first place in the pool at stake. Appalachian maintains a shot at bracket play if Anteater Quidditch can knock off Ohio State Quidditch by a large enough margin.

Texas A&M University Quidditch advanced to bracket play with a win against the Appalachian Apparators | Photo Credit: Alex Russell

Bowling Green State University (3-0) looks poised to top Pool 2 after a 170*-100 win over Tribe (0-4). Bowling Green still has a game with the BosNYan Bearsharks (2-1) remaining, while Tribe finishes its tournament winless, though with a surprisingly resolute showing in its opener to take Virginia Community Quidditch to overtime.

Miami University (OH) Quidditch (1-2) defeated Utah State Quidditch Club (0-3) 190-90*. Utah State’s snitch catch against Miami was not enough to save their standings for bracket play, while Miami could still advance with a win over Rutgers University Quidditch.

Carolina Heat (1-2) got its first ever win at US Quidditch Cup over Indiana University Quidditch Club (0-3) 140*-60. Both teams are effectively eliminated from bracket contention despite each having one more game to play.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch (1-3) secures a much needed win against the RIT Dark Marks (0-3) 170*-80. RIT next faces UCLA (1-2) and a win by a large margin could be enough to secure a bracket spot for one of these two teams.

The Michigan Quidditch Team (1-2) kept its bracket chances alive with a win over the Illinois State University Firebirds (1-2) 120-80*. Michigan faces the Tufts University Tufflepuffs (0-3), while Illinois State faces the Warriors (2-1) in their final game. Both could potentially reach bracket depending on the outcome of their games.

Pitch 1 Silicon Valley Skrewts 90*-40 Baylor University

Pitch 2 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch 170*-80 RIT Dark Marks

Pitch 3 Bowling Green State University 170*-100 Tribe

Pitch 4 Michigan Quidditch Team 120-80* Illinois State University Firebirds

Pitch 5 Miami University (OH) Quidditch 190-90* Utah State Quidditch Club

Pitch 6 Carolina Heat Quidditch Club 140*-60 Indiana University Quidditch Club

Pitch 7 Gulf Coast Gumbeaux 190*-30 inTENNsity

Pitch 8 Texas A&M University Quidditch 190-120* Appalachian Apparators Quidditch