US Quidditch Cup 10: Round 10 Recap

Austin Wallace, David Sager and Andy Marmer

An eight second snitch catch for the Los Angeles Gambits (3-0) ended an uncomfortably close game over Boston University (BU) (0-3): 110*-60. A combination of offensive sloppiness by the Gambits and defensive physicality by Boston University conspired to keep the game close, but Eric Dreggors caught quickly to put away any worries of a BU upset. With the win the Gambits secure their bracket spot and appear headed towards a high seed in the bracket while BU is eliminated from bracket contention.

Texas Quidditch advanced to 3-0 at US Quidditch Cup 10 | Photo by Alex Russell

Texas Quidditch (3-0) was able to secure a close win just out of snitch range with a final score of 120*-50 over the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) (1-2). Most of the game was within snitch range and continued that way throughout the seeker floor, far closer than Texas would have liked. However, after the snitch came on pitch, Texas was more successful at tacking on points to put the game out of range. With no teams representing the state of Washington, Abe Nurkiewicz travelled down to represent his state as a snitch, holding off both seekers until a catch at 22:11 by Texas to end the game. This win clinches a bracket birth for Texas and sets up their game against the Ball State Cardinals at 6:20 pm, factoring in a 40 minute delay, on pitch 1 to decide the top spot in Pool 1.

Marquette University Quidditch (1-2) handed Oklahoma State University (2-1) their first lost of US Quidditch Cup 10 by a snitch grab, 140*-110. Marquette will face Lake Erie Elite with the winner securing a second win and a good shot to advance to bracket play. Oklahoma State faces Rochester United in its final pool play game and may need to control its point differential to ensure that it will reach bracket play. Florida’s Finest (3-0) ensured their trip to bracket play with a victory over Anteater Quidditch (0-3) 190*-90 while eliminating bracket hopes for Anteater Quidditch at their first national tournament.

Boise State Abraxans (2-1) fought off Crimson Elite (2-1) to win a dramatic 220*^-190 in an overtime game that came down to both snitch grabs. Both teams are virtually assured of bracket spots. District of Columbia Quidditch Club (3-0) continues to dominate their pool by steadily defeating New York Quidditch Club (0-3) 180*-30. DCQC sits as the top seed in their pool and will face off with the Pod 1 team, the Lost Boys (3-0), in their final game of the day.

The BosNYan Bearsharks (2-1) seem to have secured their spot in the bracket with a 190*-110 win over Virginia Quidditch Club (1-2). UVA will face Cal in their final game, though even a win there would not seem to be enough as UVA appears unable to overcome any of the top three teams in its pool on point differential.

The Richmond Ravens (1-2) won their first ever game at US Quidditch Cup with a 70*-40 win over the Macaulay Honors College Marauders (0-3); however. The Ravens will face Arizona State University in their final game and depending on other results, could be battling for a bracket spot. Macaulay is eliminated from bracket contention.

Pitch 1 Texas Quidditch 120*-50 University of California Los Angeles

Pitch 2 Boise State Abraxans 220*^-190 Crimson Elite

Pitch 3 Los Angeles Gambits 110*-60 Boston University Quidditch

Pitch 4 BosNYan Bearsharks 190*-110 Virginia Quidditch Club

Pitch 5 District of Columbia Quidditch Club 180*-30 New York Quidditch Club

Pitch 6 Florida’s Finest 190*-90 Anteater Quidditch

Pitch 7 Richmond Ravens 70*-40 Macaulay Honors College Marauders

Pitch 8 Marquette University Quidditch 140*-110 Oklahoma State University