The Quidditch Post Hires Chula Bruggeling and Elizabeth Barcelos as New CEOs

The Quidditch Post is excited to announce that Chula Bruggeling and Elizabeth Barcelos will be taking over as the organisation’s new CEOs, after an extensive search and multiple applications. They will replace CEOs and founders Andy Marmer and Lindsay Garten, who announced their departure last month.

Bruggeling currently serves as the Quidditch Post’s Europe Director and is also the president of Quidditch Nederland. She joined the Quidditch Post in January as the Northern Europe Editor, and moved to the position of Europe Director in April. She also has ample experience writing and managing social media for the Quidditch Post.

Chula Bruggeling refereeing at the 2016 IQA Quidditch World Cup | Photo credit: Nicole Stone

“During her time with us, Bruggeling has continued to impress us,” said outgoing Quidditch Post CEO Marmer. “After successfully leading preview coverage of European Quidditch Cup 2016 and becoming a well-liked manager of our European department, she volunteered to manage and coordinate the entirety of Quidditch Post’s IQA World Cup 2016 coverage, a project that resulted in some of the most extensive coverage of quidditch to date.”

Bruggeling has been involved with volunteer work and nonprofit organizations since 2008, and has been a member of many different committees, teams, and projects in a variety of roles. She is currently a student at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, where she is finishing her bachelor’s degree in molecular life science, after which she plans to continue her studies with a combination of bioinformatics and biomedical research. She is one of the founders of the Wageningen Werewolves, where she continues to play to this day, and served as a board member up until last season.

“It is an honor to have been chosen as one of the new CEOs,” Bruggeling said. “This past season, we’ve seen the Quidditch Post go through some amazing growth, not only in terms of new staffers, but also in the geographical range of events and news we covered, combined with an impressive growth in readership. I look forward to continuing to improve and grow this organisation. My goal is for us to grow our presence and coverage of events around the world, and to have the Quidditch Post established as the strong number one quidditch media organisation in every single country that plays quidditch by the time World Cup 2018 rolls around.”

Meanwhile, Barcelos is a new permanent hire to the Quidditch Post (though has done some writing work for the outlet in the past), but has certainly made her mark on the sport. West Regional Coordinator for USQ since 2015, Barcelos has significant experience with quidditch in North America, and will bring a wealth of talent to the organization’s leadership. She is also co-commissioner for the Northern California Quidditch Conference, has been captain of San Jose State Spartan Quidditch, and is currently vice president of the Silicon Valley Skrewts. In taking on the CEO role at the Quidditch Post, she will be transitioning out of her USQ role and assisting in the search for her replacement. She is also no stranger to publications, working in an editorial role on a number of magazines.

Elizabeth Barcelos has previously been heavily involved in quidditch leadership, and will bring these talents to the CEO role | Photo credit: Seabass Photography

“As my career moves in a writing and editorial direction, I’m excited for the opportunity to have my role in quidditch reflect that,” Barcelos said. “The Quidditch Post’s international reach is the gold standard of quidditch coverage, and I look forward to using my familiarity with the American game to make our coverage in that region stronger than it’s ever been before.”

COO Jack Lennard looks forward to what Barcelos will bring to the organization. “It’s an absolute delight to welcome a volunteer of Barcelos’ caliber to the Quidditch Post. Not only does she command respect and appreciation from the community, but her hard work and compassionate management of the West region has been clear to anyone observing it. We are very lucky to have her join us, and I am frankly very excited to see what the coming year brings for our coverage of the sport.”

The Quidditch Post, under the new leadership of Bruggeling and Barcelos, will also benefit from a further addition to the c-suite, with Ryan Cleary joining as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

As an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Cleary directly managed assets in excess of $500,000, including those of a 10-member collegiate and community media conglomerate. Cleary was also involved in the management and disbursement of an additional $3.2 million in student funding. Since December 2015 he has served as founder and CEO of an independent consulting and research and development firm.

Ryan Cleary joins the organization as CFO.

“I am excited by the opportunity to work with a publication of this caliber,” said Cleary. “I also look forward to identifying new opportunities for the Quidditch Post to expand its reach.”

Cleary also brings to the table experience as a journalist and as captain of CWRU Quidditch during the 2015-16 season.

Current CEOs Marmer and Garten will be fully transitioning out of the organization over the next month. The Quidditch Post welcomes all new c-suite hires, and cannot wait to get started on bringing the global sport of quidditch to you, wherever you are, throughout the coming season.